SharpEye is a New York City based flutist, musician and an educator that is among the leading international flute artists of the recent years that has signed numerous achievements.

He released his debut album “Unexpectable” in 2013 that has his own original compositions. It is recognized and reviewed by the leading jazz critics, blogs, jazz radios including the international and online stations, newspapers and flute magazines.

He continued his accomplishments and created his “SharpEye” logo/brand that has got an attention by the British flute maker Trevor James Flutes. The company made a “SharpEye” signature alto flute for him. As well as being an alto flute artist of TJ Flutes, he is also a flute artist at Japanese flute maker, Miyazawa Flutes.

He has been performing countless concerts, festivals and recordings with Grammy Award winning artists and internationally acclaimed musicians from all over the world at the prestigious jazz and music venues.

He is a member of the largest flute association, NFA (National Flute Association). He is one of the judges of jazz competitions, and also he gives clinics/workshops.

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